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What comes to your mind first, when you hear about ‘Diamonds’? Well, most of us, even all of us would definitely imagine of something so special, precious and sparkling. Diamond is a symbol of sophistication and there is a royal feeling that is bound to come in our mind, when we hear about diamonds. However, most of us have seen the royal enchanting and enticing white diamonds. Have you ever heard about colored diamonds? If you do not have much of an idea on the colored versions of this precious stone, then here it is – a complete guide for you on colored diamonds.

Colored diamonds come in a wide range of colors, from blue to pink or even brown – they can be of any colors. Obviously they look precious and a bit unique. This is why the craze for them in the market is at a peak!

How Colored Diamonds Are Formed?

Color Diamond

For the formation of colored diamonds, specific atmospheric conditions are required. Colored diamonds are graded by the intensity of their color. Thus, the more intense color, the more expensive diamond! The colors are formed through distortion of the crystal, with the help of a few natural elements. Due to the presence of such conditions, colored diamonds are more expensive than the traditional no color diamonds.

Certain colors are rarer, while some colors are easy to be found. For example, blue colored diamonds are not so common and they are hardly found in the marketplace. Whereas, brown colored diamonds are quite common and widely available in the market.

More on Different Types of colored diamonds:

argyle diamond

The beautiful Argyle Diamond is found only in a handful of mines on our planet.

Yellow Diamond

Learn more about Yellow Diamonds on our blog.

Green Diamonds

These types of Green Diamonds are just great for jewelry.

Blue Diamonds

Natural Blue Diamonds are as rare as seeing a quadruple rainbow at night!

Pink Diamonds

Some of the most fancy colored diamonds are Pink Diamonds and they have lots of beauty stored in them!

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